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Is Cleaning the Liver the Secret to Weight Management?

How on earth would I know how to get fit? (Is what you are asking yourself).

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Good question, but I’ll tell you this – I have discovered the weight loss secret known as ‘saliva’, and its secret location that no one knows about…chewing gum. It’s almost as good as those 1000 Calorie diets.




Dieta de 1000 Calorias.

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Make sure you chew all day so your mouth produces saliva because it is one of 5 enzymes that digests food.

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Chew with your teeth to make saliva because it contains important enzymes.

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I recommend only sugarless chewing gum because that sweet little white substance has been causing a whole lot of problems in people’s bodies lately.

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By the way, I am not legally trained to offer you this fitness advice. If I were a judge I bet I’d be much better than this lady…


Have any of you been to the town of Newcastle in NSW Australia? The place has more lawyers per square metre than you would think. If I WERE legally trained to help you attain perfect health I would probably only charge you six dollars an hour.

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